ABOUT THE CLUB >> Our Values
Excellence comes first
There is something about the sound
of a fine male vocal ensemble that captures the imagination. The men
of the Glee Club strive to be the
hardest-working group on campus.
And it shows.

Our philosophy is: Anything
worthwhile is not easy, and
mediocrity is not an option.

Amazingly, the vast majority of Glee Clubbers are not music majors.
Over 70% of our students come to the
group from majors outside the UNI
School of Music.

The Glee Club was formed originally for non-music majors, but music majors
are always welcome. Though it is a
non-auditioned group, every man of
the Glee Club works very hard to make
the music extraordinary. We believe
that is the secret of our success.

Even though the guys have fun,
(and we do have fun!) when it comes
to the music, we're all business.
All music is memorized by performance time - another Glee Club tradition.

In the span of 50 years, the Glee Club has toured Europe 16 times, performed
with the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra and many ensembles in
Europe, sung on venues throughout Iowa and the Midwest, recorded several albums, and has been featured in an award-winning documentary.

The Glee Club has given more sold out performances at the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center than any other group, student or professional.

We take pride in our strong midwest work ethic to make the music the best that it can be. The Glee Club attitude is: Work hard, and be extraordinary.