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You don't have a group around as long
as the Glee Club without establishing
a few traditions along the way.

Many traditions are self-evident, and revolve around the Glee Club's performances, such as the annual Christmas Variety Shows. Songs such as "Lo, How A Rose 'Ere Blooming" and "The First Noel" are traditional standards.

Every Variety Show starts with the
classic "We Need A Little Christmas"
and ends with the infamous Arthur
Murder Dancers (who must be seen to
be believed!)

Other Glee Club traditions are less evident, but no less important. Making good friends, supporting each other in times of crisis, and helping the group succeed are just as important as creating extraordinary music.

Another long-standing tradition is the conversation, debate (and more singing!) over hot pizza and cold beverages at a College Hill establishment, after
Wednesday night rehearsals. Known for years as "Seminar", many alumni will tell you that some of their happiest college memories are of the times spent around the tables at Tony's, (or Pour Richards, Neighbors Pub and Grill, or our venerable favorite, The O.P.) with their Glee Club buddies, in the true spirit of camaraderie.

The music itself binds every Glee Club man together, young and old alike. Alumni who graduated 50 years ago still return to UNI for concerts and special festivities, such as the Alumni reunions. And every true-blue Glee Clubber can sing "Brothers Sing On!" whenever called upon!